Backup Your Data.
This is very important. Backup your data at least once per week and always keep one copy of the backup off-site. If you donít do this, just imagine how chaotic and expensive it could get trying to re-enter the last two, three, or even six months of work back into a new computer.


Any problem with your computer?

We fix it!
    • Is your computer not doing what you want?
    • Do you have a router/modem but cannot get internet to work?
    • Do you want to set up a wireless connection?
    • Infected by virus or malware?
    • Is your computer reacting slower than normal?
    • Do you need to back up your files but don't know how?
    • Has your computer crashed and lost your data with important information on it?
    • Have you bought a computer with Spanish Vista or Windows 7 and want to change it to your own language?
    • Did you just bought your computer but don't know how to work with it?
    • Do you need someone to tell you the basics? (Windows, Internet, Skype, Facebook, Hyves, etc)
    • Do you need to install any software or hardware?

For all these and any other problems regarding your computer,

Leo-Fix has the solution!!

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