Backup Your Data.
This is very important. Backup your data at least once per week and always keep one copy of the backup off-site. If you donít do this, just imagine how chaotic and expensive it could get trying to re-enter the last two, three, or even six months of work back into a new computer.



Affordable prices

* First hour 25€ (minimum rate)

* Between 1 and 2 hours 40€

* Between 2 and 3 hours 60€
(this is the maximum price you will pay per visit)

* ADSL configuration and connection (includes wireless) 25€

* Re-installation or new installation 50€

* Call out fee 10€

You never pay more than 60€ per visit.(plus call out fee)

To all the above prices must be added the call out fee,
which is always 10€

No cure, no pay policy:
If we cannot fix your problem, no rate will be paid,
only the 10€ call out fee

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